A different approach…

”The Question must therefore be… is there another approach possible into the study of-  and the application of colour and its influence, that rises above existing limitations in colour research, limitations based on a division between a more classic  spiritual and a more scientific approach…an approach therefore that should not put colour central, but the human as a first.

Because how can we understand colour for real, if it could be the case that we only use parts of the creational intelligences available to us, or if parts of us, like the hemispheres of the brain, are not harmonized with each other? It seems obvious that all technological equipment we invent and use to quantify life, colour and light including, are only an extension and derived out of available human intelligence, and as such not first importance.

It must be that the research of futuristic human and creational intelligence is first importance, and here the phenomena of the appearance  and influence   of light and colour give crucial understanding”

Mark Stolk