The influence colour has on our life is enormous, basically because we are surrounded by it on a daily basis. Not only do light and colour influence the way we feel: Latest scientific discoveries within quantum physics have shown that wavelenghts of light might be responsible for the fact that our body with its different parts and functions can manage complicated feats instantly and simultaneously. It has been proven that D.N.A. is one of the most essential storage places of light and photon emissions, and it seems that light and colour wavelenghts are duct ways for fields of energy that have a culminant memory how plant and animal species should look and act. This suggests that colour is a living influence, imbued as it seems with intelligence, that can stimulate, neutralize or sedate not only certain bodily, but also mental and emotional processes. As such colours can be used to cause effect, not only in creating pleasant atmospheres, but in creating  circumstances and ecologies that promote a variety of different functional human processes. Colours and colour combinations can assist in learning mathematics, in stimulating creativity, in solving conflict, and they can as well attract and stimulate a whole range of human qualities. All of this is however to a large degree depending  on the mind set of those working with colour and their connective ability to creational and human intelligences.

We are standing on the brink of a new time with unlimited possibilities, where new intelligence discovery in one field of research can strenghten others. If colour is a living phenomenon, it cannot be understood  isolated, but only in a greater context. As such the study and research of colour and its influence can only involve a  huge amount of relevant territories of research, varying from colour and light, to human physiology and psychology, quantum physics, astronomy and astrology, ancient cultures, esotheric knowledge, symbology, philosophy, healing and the observation of nature and  the understanding of natural lawful principles.

For the last three decades Mark Stolk, founder of Colour marks, has done a dedicated search, research and study in the field of colour in its greater context. He has been looking for a unifying theory that can explain many of the anomalies in colour research and colour application and the apparent contradiction that exists between a more scientific and  a more classic religious spiritual approach. Colour relativity, colour objectivity, the effect of colour in the dark and many more questions have been incorperated in this research. Eventually this has led him, with crucial help and input of others, to a new theory in which creational and human intelligence are related to the study of colour and its influence and vice versa. This theory, called the Five Intelligences, is the background for the colour work done in Colour marks. It has been practically tested in many cases, all with great success, leading to new innovative products in the field of colour such as individual and group colour  psychology tests, charts with colour nuances relating to human qualities appearing in four countries in Europe, creating specific functional effects with certain colour combinations, colour exhibitions attracting ten thousands of people, pionering colour advice in design and much more.

Mark Stolk works as an international lecturer and has written many articles on the influence of colour and might perhaps be considered  as one of the leading experts in the field of colour in Europe. Since the start of Colour marks other experts in their field of colour application have joined, making Colour marks an allround coloured assembly with futuristic expertise.