Choosing the right colours to decorate your home or office is not always easy. Which colours do harmonize and make you feel well and do enhance the best of you and of your fellow companions? And how to work with shiny, half glossy or flat colours and how will a small sample of colour look on big surfaces? You might choose a certain colour style, such as a romantic, throughout your home or restaurant, but in your office you suddenly find out you have difficulty doing the administration and make effective deciscions. It might however help if you want to be a writer of romantic love stories! You might decide to go for what is trendy, but  you might not be aware what kind of influences you invite into your  outer and inner ecology. You might even decide to put your child in a kindergarten with this intense bright colours all over the place, not just in the class rooms, but as well in the bed rooms and you cannot understand why your child is hyper-active! Certain hospitals have colour combinations on the wall that are counter productive to the healing processes of patients  and in many big businesses and offices the colours in the cafeteria spaces are often formal with nuances of grey and white, which cause the employees to continue in work mode, not experiencing a real break.

Like the different parts of the human body all have different functions, so have the different rooms and spaces in our home or working place. Colours can sedate, neutralize or stimulate these different functions, and therefore the colours one chooses will have an important effect on the processes one can have in a specific environment. There are colours and colour combinations that enhance conversation, learning, instruction, deciscion making, creativity, relaxation and so forth… Apart from this there is the question which colours are beneficial for a person and which colours can assist the  qualities a person chooses to grow in his or her life.

Not only colour has an influence: Light, forms, shapes , dimensions, materials and fauna life have as well. The right combination of these aspects is vital in relation to influence and amplify specific functions and qualities and as such it is important to know what they cause.

Colour marks has not just experience in colour, but in the whole area of design, from  a futuristic mind set to the idea state to drawing table and practical execution. As ecology enhancers  that have great insight in what things cause we wil be happy to consult you!