Mark Stolk, born on the 27th of July 1964 in Delft, the Netherlands, has a BA degree in arts (drawing, painting and design) and a first degree as an art history teacher. He worked as an actor in Dutch television shows for children, on a graphic design bureau and in 1991 he moved to Denmark, where he had his own design shop in Copenhagen. Here he worked for some years as a restauration painter. For more than 20 years he has worked as an international teacher in the areas of colour and aesthetics and he gives courses in classical painting techniques throughout Denmark. Apart from this Mark works as an artist and he has exhibited his paintings on an international basis  ( In 2006 Mark started to work as a trainer , coach and team builder for Star Business in the territories of people management and project management with a specialization in creative and innovative think tank technologies. Currently Mark heads up Colour Marks, and he has been a primus motor behind many colour projects (see CV).

jonathanJonathan Eliot is a registered Community Mental Health nurse (BScNS,CPN), with several years of experience providing direct care and cognitive coaching to patients with multiple acute or longstanding mental health conditions in the community setting of southern Zealand, Denmark. Jonathan is also a founder member of the international Well Being Science Organization and a registered Well Being Science Coach (WBS, WBSC). He has been working as a WBSC for several years, holding practical and empowering coaching and workshop courses on attaining health and well being. He is also working with individual patients requesting the new and simple, but profound approach to natural, preventative and remedial health care that the WBS gives, pioneering new and future-bound ways of living with throughout health and well being in a challenging time for us all. Much of the work of the WBS involves colour and Jonathan is one of the experts in the field of colour in relation to health care.

William AndrewsWilliam Andrews lives in Malmø in southern Sweden. He is passionate about enhancing the life of a garden, so that the elements of colour, structure and form and balance all come together in a unique way, enabling as such the recharging and rebalancing of plant space. He has created and maintained gardens in London, Auckland, Malmø and Darsland Sweden. He promotes an organic slow garden approach where the garden shows the way.