Colour marks can assist you in:

  • Developing colour charts and colour styles:  The exact naming of colours and colour combinations in relation to their  qualities, nature and function.
  • The creative development  and assistance of new colour products  also in relation to marketing, P.R., advertisement and branding.
  • The development of functional colours-  combinations and systems natural to the requirements of specific jobs and public functions.
  • Colour design that stimulates human qualities
  • The development of coherent  educational  information involving  the influence of colour, form and shape.
  • Advice about the influence of colour in trends and fashion
  • Innovative and creative think tank sessions and bottle neck situations
  • Analyzing weaknesses and strenghts  of your business, department and team through  a variety of colour tests  and evalute where quality improvement can go on.
  • Assessing and improving your work or private ecology.
  • Well being consultance: Healing and recharging the human system through colour