Seminars, workshops and lectures

Colour marks offers seminars, workshops and lectures formated to  your need, whether it is one hour or up to three days, whatever the topic or field of interest might be. Central in this is personal experience: It is one thing to hear about colour, but to feel the living influence of it is quite another.  Not only the passing on of knowledge and know-how is our aim,  we find it crucial that participants feel well and uplifted, get interested and inspired and that the work is practical applicable.

To give you an idea of what we have on offer:

1)  Basic entertaining introductory lectures and workshops
Containing: A basic introduction to colour with exercises in which one can experience the living influence of colour,  a colourtest measuring personal and / or group colour strenghts and weaknesses.

2) The scientific approach
Containing: The properties of light and colour, subtractive and additive mixing of colour, physical and chemical causes of colour, colour relativity, light therapy, the perception of colour, latest scientific discoveries.

3) Team building , coaching and people management based on colour understandings / grids
Leadership styles, effective communication, motivating, influencing, conflict management, innovative thinking, personal and group psychology colour tests, cultural understanding, the x-facor of leadership. understanding gender.

4)  Art, fashion and design
Containing: The influence of colour in art, fashion and design, colour harmony and colour relativity, cultural and natural conditioning of – and by colour, colour in relation to form, shape and dimension, liberating the creative potential, the Seven Design actors, the Seven Stages of Beauty.

5) Healing, health and well-being
Containing: The influence of light and colour on human physiology and psychology, kinesiology health tests, restoring and recharging of personal colour balances, colours and colour combinations preventing stress, improving sleep, stimulating blood circulation and more, the design of colour coded gardens to rebalance and recharge the human systems, the influence of colour on the land and parts of the world.

6)  E.S.P. and the esoteric
Containing: The human pentagrammic colour centres, learning to see and feel the colours in the aura, understanding history through colour, colour in religion, colour symbology, silver and gold.

7) Colour evolution and update
Containing: The Five Intelligences, colour in relation to human qualities, colours assisting change, understanding the time we live in through colour, creative think tank sessions about colour and colour usage, new ways of colour research.